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Yin Yoga

Paulie Zink founded yin yoga in 70s with martial arts experts, teaches in west. this yoga is for long time period approximately five minutes per pose. Yin yoga allot the Sanskrit names of the poses instead of using English language. So in one class you will remind names of poses such as butterfly, swan, dragon and twisted roots.

You can hope forward curve with legs together and gentle back curve poses that are usually practice in productive yoga classes. But differs in yin yoga is, they are held for a longer time to increase resilience in the body. In an ashtanga vinyasa class holding for five breaths but in a yin class holding in between two and 20 minutes, mention above five is more common.

Advantages of yin yoga

You can calm and balance your body and mind by doing this yoga. This practice is for to strong your muscles, restoring flexibility. You will use support so your body can deliver into the pose instead of actively flexing the muscles. it might be difficult at first time, but you can manage after few classes and might have you addicted.

People who need to stretch. Don’t forget, Yin yoga is not suitable for people who are already flexible not try to do over, it may distort your connective tissue. So there is too difficult to sit on floor for long time, teacher invented yin yoga to help the students. Teachers of yin yoga give guidance during the class, telling the people how to examine the breath, use and the way to focus on the current moment, confess thoughts and feelings to generate but practicing the art of encouraging students and watch them without interruption and can’t let them out of site. The hope is that we give the direction to everyone’s life. So when we are in frustration, we can do this type of practice to the relaxation of the mind and body.

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