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What is Ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet/low-carb diet is a diet that forces the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. It’s also restricts carbohydrates which are found in legumes, vegetables and fruit and give priority to that foods high in protein and fat. There are many types of ketogenic diets. So each diet has its limits on the amounts of carbohydrates you can eat. The main purpose of a low-carb diet is losing weight or epilepsy present in children’s.  low-carb diets may have further health benefits associated with weight loss such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. In addition, ketogenic diet is highly helpful in treating epilepsy, cancer and also effective in losing significant weight.

This ketogenic diet use fat as its main source energy and manage the carbohydrates to burn over the limit. when the food intake is low, our body help us to survive in that condition called (ketosis). This diet is benefit to improve cholesterol level that are related with arterial growth. It reduces weight because your body is burning fat as a main source of energy.

The fact is that the ketogenic diet has highly effective priority than the low-fat calorie diet. Researchers   found that people on a low-carbs diet lost 3 times extra weight than low-fat calorie restricted diet. lose extra fat, which is related to type 2 diabetes.

When you are in KETOSIS STATE

During the ketogenic diet, energy used by the body which is produced by ketones in the liver.  When your food has large amount of carbohydrate, glucose and insulin are rich in your body when you eat.


Glucose (sugar) is the simple way to produce energy in the body when you required, so it will be alternative of other energy is also use in industrial products.


Insulin is generated by your body to control the level of glucose in the blood. Sugar is used as energy, so glucose is retrieve from carbohydrates and fats are not needed.  Some part of energy uses as a primary and some energy stored to future use. Glucose is the main source energy as a normal.

When the body left to took energy from carbohydrates and running on behalf of burning fats, then we convinced that the body is in ketosis state. Ketosis is a natural process that occurs when body doesn’t get energy from sugar (glucose) and only survive on burning fats. In this state, ketones are produced in the body by burning fats in the liver. ketosis is commonly observed in people who are suffering from diabetes. This issue will occur when insulin in your body doesn’t works properly. It is easy to know when you are in ketosis state. The most authentic way to calculate ketosis state by using ketone urine testing strips.

The main requirement is to maintain ketogenic diet for your body. Human bodies are adjustable to what you eat, overload with fats and reduce carbohydrates then your body will start to burn your main energy sources (ketones).

If you want a healthier lifestyle with Ketogenic diet, you should select which foods to be the best of your shopping list. foods should diminish from your menu list which is unauthorized by ketogenic diet. learn about low-carb diet in the detailed form is: ketogenic diet food list

What to Eat?

Start a ketogenic diet with a decent plan. Ketogenic state depends on your diet that how fast you involve in this state. You will in ketosis state faster if you restrict carbohydrates in your diet approximately under fifteen grams. In general, daily dieting is containing between 20-30g of calculated carbohydrates. Results will be accessed when you lower your glucose level.

Calculated carbohydrates or total amount of dietary carbohydrates are simple. The formula is that total carbohydrates minus the total fiber. For example, you can eat some cabbage (1 cup).

Total number of carbohydrates are 6g in a 1 cup.

2g of fiber in 1 cup.

So, subtract the 6g carbs from 2g (dietary fiber).

Resulted carbohydrates will be 4g, these are calculated carbs.

You should be eating food around 70% fats, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrate.

Vegetables, nuts, and dairy will help you to keep your carbohydrates in limit. Wheat (breads, pastas) starch (potatoes, beans,) or fruit are not suitable, have carbohydrates.

Dark green and leafy vegetables is always the best choice. your meals should be vegetables with lot of protein and fat. Chicken chest sew for some time in olive oil, with cabbage and cheese. Nuts, seeds, cheeses, or peanut butter will reduce your appetite if you hungry anytime a day. More detailed information about your routine-based low-carbs diet is here: Ketogenic Diet Menu Plan

You might choose a low-carb diet because:

  1. when you want to restricts carbs to help you lose weight

2.when you want to made changes in your complete diet

So enjoy the food given in low-carb diets and check with health care provider before starting any weight loss diet when you are suffering these diseases such as diabetes or heart.


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