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Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is close to Bikram yoga that is practiced in a heated area. But teachers are not forced to do the 26-pose Bikram series. You can easily overstretch but don’t push yourself over the limit.

Researchers reported the body temperature and heart rates of some members of yoga class who completed 60-minute yoga sessions. They recommended that start your yoga practice in a 21-degree Celsius heated room and then next day increases to 33-degree Celsius. We saw that before people were working hard in a heated room, the temperature was 40-degree Celsius with 40% humidity in a 90-minute of Bikram yoga class session.

Benefits of hot yoga

Hot yoga best for sweat lovers. If you like work hard that will help you, Researchers believe that the hot yoga might be good for your heart. If you practice yoga in hot room, their cardiovascular system works much better than in a normal condition. Both the heart rate and blood circulation increases. Combining yoga exercise and heat will more beneficial. its improves metabolism for older overweight person and bring arterial flexibility for young persons.  Some people feel they are going to practice hot yoga in a whole day.

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