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healthy life style

Everybody wishes make a healthy life. Some Today our body parts (kidney, heart, liver, stomach, lungs, gall bladder, intestines, etc.) working very well but they may not be well tomorrow. Our body is our life, and we need to take care with healthy life style.

Healthy eating and exercise aren’t just about good health or healthy life; it includes good and positive mental health. Healthy living means both physical and psychological health is in the balance or functioning well together in a person. In this article, I’ll share your tips to live a healthier life.

Some suggestions for healthy life style:

  • Eat healthy food


One of the best things makes your healthy life style. A lot of health benefits of fresh air. Indoor the air that you breathe is not clean as your body needs to remain healthy. Fresh air provides you a supply of oxygen that needed by your brain and every single cell body. A body is made up of cells; cells make up tissues and tissues make up the organs of the body. Every function carried on your body is directly related to the cells. Cells need for things such as oxygen, water, nutrition, and cleansing. Without oxygen, the cells die.

Benefits of Breathe in open air

  • It’s good for digestion.
  • Cleanse your lungs.
  • Makes you happier
  • Improve your blood pressure
  • Make immune system Strong


An essential is one of the best things that make your healthy life. Regular walks one of the best and easiest things you can do for your health. Walking is the best exercise, most doctors recommend patients to do this because it is effortless to do. The American Diabetes Association says about walking lowers your blood sugar and overall risk for diabetes. The studies indicate that everyday walking reduced blood stress by way of as tons of 11 points and may lessen the threat of stroke with the aid of 20% to 40%.

Benefits of daily walking

  • Loss your weight
  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • Make you happy
  • Give you energy
  • Boosts vitamin D
  • Improve blood pressure


It is also one of best things that make your healthy life. Everyone knows about daily exercise benefits. No matter what’s your age, you should use daily.

Regular exercise strengthens your muscles, makes your bones strong, and also improves your skin. And a lot of benefits of regular exercise, better sleep, increased relaxation and active immune function.

Exercise helps use up oxygen; it causes burn stored fat your body and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Research shows people who do regular exercise have a lower risk of many chronic diseases, as well as reducing the risk of depression, stress, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of daily exercise:

  • Loss your weight
  • strong your muscles
  • Firm your bones
  • Fresh your skin
  • Happy mood
  • reduce Stress and depression

Regular activities list:

  1. Push-up
  2. Contralateral Limb Raises
  3. Bent Knee Push-up
  4. Downward-facing Dog
  5. Bent-Knee Sit-up / Crunches
  6. Push-up with Single-leg Raise
  7. Front Plank
  8. Side Plank with Bent Knee
  9. Supine Reverse Crunches
  10. Cobra
  11. Squat Jumps
  12. Forward Lunge
  13. Forward Lunge with Arm Drivers
  14. Glute Activation Lunges
  15. Glute Bridge


“Breakfast is a vital meal of the day.” The nutrition guidelines recommend that we eat breakfast. It claimed that breakfast can help our weight loss and that skipping it can raise the risk of obesity.

Itcontribute the research shows that breakfast eaters tend to be healthier. For example, people who eat breakfast tend to eat a healthier diet, with more micronutrients and fiber, and individuals who skip breakfast tend to smoke more, little active and exercise less. And also research shows that skip breakfast does not affect some calories you burn throughout the day.

In fact skipping breakfast may reduce overall calorie intake by up to 400 calories per day. Skipping breakfast, people to be hungrier and eat more at lunch. In the morning you feel hungry, go ahead and eat healthy breakfast. And if you don’t feel hungry try some fruits or juice it’s good for your health.


Healthy life style needs to more water. Everyone knows very well water is very essential to the human body’s survival. The experts recommend 8 to 10 glass daily drinking water is better for health. Our body is composed of about 60% water. Water helps to maintain body weight by increasing metabolism.

The research proved that water could help to control calories. Water contributes to energize muscles, during exercise the experts recommend start drinking early, and drink them at frequent intervals to update fluids lost by sweating.

One of the best water benefits makes our skin looking good; our skin contains plenty of water because skin cells require water to function properly.


Sleep makes you happy and feels better. The research shows that enough sleep and getting too little sleep may affect your health, mood weight, and even your sex life.

Benefits of Sleep well:

  • Less pain
  • Better sex life
  • Better health
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Better mood
  • Better weight control
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better memory
  • Stronger immunity

Eat healthy food

Fruits and vegetables are essential for healthy life style. They are naturally good and contain vitamins and minerals that can help to keep your healthy life style.

Consuming extra fruits and greens as part of a balanced, regular food plan and a wholesome, existence style. It’s low in salt, sugar, and fats however surprisingly include nutrients and minerals.

Experts propose five-7 servings of fruits or greens in step with the day. Fruits and vegetables with high in antioxidants that assist in doing away with free radicals in our frame that harm our cells. Reduce down on processed meals due to the fact these include a sizeable amount of energy fat which ends up in higher blood strain and the alternative sickness.

Some Benefits of vegetables and Fruits 

  • Maintain your healthy weight
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure controlled.
  • High blood pressure control.


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