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Hatha Yoga

the Sanskrit term “hatha” means that teaches physical postures. It is a physical practice of the body that balances energies. Hatha refer as a ‘forceful’ in Sanskrit. Compared to more suitable practices that were in the 12th century, the physical practices of hatha must have looked forceful. Sometime before hatha became identical with yoga “asana” as we practice them today.  In mid-19th century Indian gurus who brought yoga to a western. Yoga was not popular in international level in 19-century as compared to today. Number of teachers that teaches in western countries.

Basic yoga

Because of its slowness, This is a better class if you’re beginning your yoga practice. Now a day, This is much used for basic yoga classes. Hatha classes are a good place to learn beginners’ poses, meditation techniques, and become comfortable with yoga.

Expect the vinyasa to be a little more efficient, but depends upon the approach of teachers that it’s impossible to be define on this point without taking some classes. If you are not clear, ask from where the classes are taught.

Take a hatha class if the cool idea of yoga seems right for your level of physical fitness. If you go into a hatha class and you feel that it slow or not much active, don’t give up until your yoga complete. While building muscle may make your body calm and help your mind to get normal, it doesn’t need you to pay attention to your breathing, or to aim for a relax mind.

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