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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is spread to the European countries by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Method of this yoga coordinate the breath with dynamic series of poses. Ashtanga yoga producing excessive heat that help you to detoxify tissues and organs in your body. This improves blood circulation, makes active your body and a calm mind.

Benefits of ashtanga

Physical, emotional, mental and intellectual are the categories of benefit that you will get from ashtanga yoga. The physical benefits contain the body disease free, making it in light weight and give strength. The body is made to maintain breath by yoga, which remove the doubts about your life.

The emotional benefits consist of anyone’s emotions. Suffering is caused by emotions. A feeling is like sensitive thing which in the present moment (love). An emotion is like a living in a past. For example, we are living in the present moment but fear in the mind about past. So yoga makes you feel more deeply because you will forget about your past.

Mental benefits work on one’s mind means recognize oneself as in another world. Through yoga a man forgets all other things in daily routine. Recognizing oneself as a live in endless life, which find mind relaxation.

Intellectual benefits, are also concern with mind and your body. You can achieve visualization, meditation and concentration that make your brain wise, by doing high practice yoga.

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