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Almond Milk

Almond milk is a plant-based alternative to traditional dairy milk. It is made by baking and grinding almonds and then blending them with cleaned water. Some vitamins and minerals are naturally occurred in the almonds and some are we add but not artificial flavor. One cup of almond milk contains 1 gram of protein as compared to cow’s milk which contains 8 grams in a cup.  You are also getting protein from other sources in your diet and complete your daily protein need.

30 to 40 calories per cup are present in almond milk (sugar-free). Most milk brands are also made almond milk and give flavored touch like chocolate and vanilla but they are sweetened. High calories are present in sweetened almond milk and low in sugar-free. One cup of almond milk contains 60 calories, as compared to 146 calories in non-fat milk and 86 calories in skim (non-fat). It will help you lose your weight.

There are saturated fat present in it. Sodium is low and omega fatty acids are high in almond milk which control your high blood pressure and prevent from heart disease.

50% of vitamin E recommended for daily intake which is present in it, good for your skin health and prevent your skin from sun damage. it’s also helping for those people who are suffering from digestion problem to intake lactose.

 Nutrition information

       Nutrition        Amount               %DV
Fiber 17g per cup                    –
Protein 30g per cup                    –
Vitamin E 1 cup                   187
Healthy-Fats 71g per cup                    –
B2 1 cup                   85
B6 1cup                   10
Calcium 1cup                   38
Iron 1cup                   30
Magnesium 1 cup                   96
Copper 1 cup                   71
Phosphorus 1 cup                   69
Potassium 1 cup                   20
Zinc 1 cup                   29
Manganese 1 cup                  163
Folate 1 cup                  18


Almond milk is easy to make at home. grinding almonds and mix them with water in a blender then filter to separate it from the liquid.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

  1. Use of this milk help to decrease and maintain your blood pressure. This is the best alternative to people who have some reason that not to intake dairy products. So almond milk adds in your diet to keep your heart healthy.
  2. There is no presence of cholesterol in almond milk, that makes your heart will-power strong. Researchers suggest that use of almonds can be helpful to prevent coronary heart disease.
  3. It contains riboflavin, which is vitamin B that work in combination with nutrients like iron to manage muscle growth and strength.
  4. It contains a less amount of phosphorous and potassium that prevent from kidney diseases. People those are suffering from kidney disease should care to intake these which are high in potassium and phosphorus. It’s can also help for allergic conditions.
  5. Skin depends on different vitamins and minerals. So vitamin E helps in maintaining skin and to looks healthy, which is present in almond milk. It’s also help to manage vitamin A and care about damaged skin. Studies suggest that rose-water is also helpful for skin.
  6. It has various vitamins like vitamin A, which is helpful to improve your eye site and performing proper functions of eyes. Computers, smart phones, and tablets user should go for almond milk to maintain your eye site.
  7. There is another benefit that makes your bones strong because it contains calcium. its help for growing teeth and maintain them healthy. Relaxing muscles and maintaining a normal heart beat are benefit of calcium. 30% is the daily requirement of calcium which strong your bones into the old age as well by using almond milk.
  8. It’s helps in maintaining a healthy immune system. The immune system prevents our body from germs that causes health issues and are harmful to the body. Poor immune system may cause to health issues and diseases. Almond milk defends your body and keep your body healthy and strong.

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